Cutting Mats

Our selection of PPV Cutting Mats for Flatbed Plotters and Digital Cutters.

FXH 1000 Schneidunterlage

FXH 1000 – Cutting Mat

For cutting leather, rubber, foam and much more.

Use the FXH 1000 – Plotter Cutting Mat as a basic mat for your cutting machine.
FXB 5000 Schneidunterlage

FXB 5000 – Cutting Mat

Especially recommended
for cutting leather.

Use the FXB 5000 – Plotter Cutting Mat as a high-quality mat for your cutting machine.
Zelltex Schneidunterlage

Zelltex – Cutting Mat

For the perfect cut of graphite gaskets with steel inlay.

Allows the cutting of graphite gaskets without any reworking.

Our three qualities of PPV Cutting Mats for flatbed plotter offer the right cutting mat for every company.

Due to the free choice of formats and air permeability,
the mats fit on all known cutting machines such as Atom, Zünd, Lectra, Kuris, Bullmer, Gerber, Teseo and many more.

Low prices, easy replacement, durability and a clean cut contribute to your profitability.

We value personal contact and provide a fast response time,
to fully adapt to your needs.

Would you like more information, samples or offers?
Then feel free to contact us.

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